Muses Exhibition Design

Muses have long been one of the greatest source of inspiration for artists working in every period. While often just recognised by their mere appearance, existing in a realm of the visual arts, their influence was without a doubt often, if not more frequently, also intellectual rather than just amorous and aesthetic. 

Whether it is Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock or Rene Magritte, their partners have not just been a source for aesthetic experiment but also mental stimulation and inspiration, hereby having a great influence on what modern art became, and what art is today.

Through looking at not just the artworks created while having a relationship, whether romantic, erotic or friendly, but also the correspondence had during that time a voice is given to muses. They represent a group of now often infamous people in the art world who often remain voiceless or overshadowed by the famous artists they inspired. 

These notions were the guideline of a simple design of an exhibition concept, focusing more on the personality and most importantly what the muses of countless famous artists had to say, rather than what they looked like. This guided all stylistic choices, as well as the pacing of the animations and the choice of location: The Farley post office, a symbol of correspondence, letters from and to muses being an essential part of the exhibition.